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​Five Seasons Yoga is rooted in Ayurveda also know as traditional Indian medicine and the 'sister science' of yoga. It aims to help us work with the qualities of spring, summer, autumn and winter through practices that support us during these different times of year. The 5th season refers to our internal climate of balance or homeostasis which is the aim of this form of yoga. Because we approach each season differently you will learn a variety of yoga

practices to help you self-care all year round.


Five Seasons Yoga classes integrate held postures with flowing sequences inspired by movements found in Kalaripayattu (Indian martial arts) and Qigong. Many of these movements are based on animal forms that help us connect back to our natural environment. These seasonal vinyasas' lie at the heart of this graceful and creative form of Hatha yoga. Classes finish with a guided relaxation/meditation called Yoga Nidra, a poetry reading and an aromatic breathing exercise. Suitable for all levels. Beginners very welcome!

As well as yoga classes I offer ayurvedic wellbeing consultations, yoga therapy, mentoring and a range of trainings. Whether your goal is to lose a bit of weight, reduce your stress levels or help manage a chronic health condition, my holistic approach can help you embrace all aspects of your wellbeing; mental, physical and spiritual-on the way. I am delighted to now be offering my services online so that I can continue to support you in living healthfully during these challenging times.


My experience spans over 20 years in the health and fitness industry (lecturer, teacher trainer, manager and coach) where I have worked for gyms, health clubs, yoga schools and various training providers before setting up my own business. Originally trained in the visual arts, I also hold a BA and MA. Creativity remains at the heart of all I do and has shaped the unique approach to my work. You can visit my BIO page for more information on my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Thank you for visiting my site. Wishing you great health and happiness!  Sujatha (Su)


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I absolutely love the Five Seasons Yoga classes that I attend online with Su. Su is an amazing teacher, full of positive encouragement and guidance keeping you on the right track, physically and

emotionally. The classes are just as good online as in person, and you really feel the difference afterwards. I leave every session looking forward to the next!

Jen Holloway


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