I am registered with The Independent Yoga Network (1000 hours) and have been teaching for 15 years. My foundational training with Yoga Professionals/108 Training honoured traditional teachings whilst promoting a contemporary practice accessible to all. For a number of years I worked alongside school founder Conrad Paul as a course director training many yoga teachers across the country. My teaching is now rooted in Ayurveda (Yoga's 'sister science') and integrates vinyasa yoga with qigong and other warrior arts. My approach is also reflective of my background in the visual arts (BA/1st class Hons & MA) in that I engage with yoga as a creative practice as well as a holistic health science. The spiritual aspects of the discipline have emerged through living a vegan lifestyle (ahimsa) and serving my community in the best way that I can (dharma).


I am a member of the Ayurvedic Professionals Association where I am registered as a Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Consultant and Therapist. I have studied under Dr David Frawley and his senior student Pavan Kanwar, an accomplished scholar of the Vedic sciences. Wanting to learn Ayurveda in it's place of origin I travelled many times to my ancestral home and undertook training with ayurvedic doctors and therapists in Kerala, India. Although I am trained in the traditional ayurvedic therapies, my focus has been on exploring Ayurveda as a holistic way of life. From 2014 - 2019 I undertook PhD Research (Health Sciences) at Warwick Medical School. My thesis examined how integrated 

practices of yoga and Ayurveda help to support self-care. This research now informs all of my teacher trainings, courses and workshops



I am registered with REPS as a boxing coach, RCS self-defence instructor and fitness professional. Due to a chronic elbow injury I went on to study qigong and yoga aligned aspects of Kalaripayattu (Indian martial arts) for the purpose of holistic healing. In a desire to make yoga more accessible and inclusive, I began to integrate slow, flowing

movements inspired by martial arts into my teaching and self-practice. This has enabled me to develop a contemporary form of yoga based around functional mobility. In a 'yoga world' that encourages extreme ranges of movement and a performative approach (what the pose looks like) I seek to promote a practice that is both sustainable and rooted in yoga's essential teachings. This means working with movements that are optimal for the body and practices that encourage an internal exploration of the mind and self.



I am a Vegan lifestyle Coach certified by Main Street Vegan Academy in the USA. Adopting a vegan lifestyle has been central to my spiritual exploration of Yoga and has helped me to cultivate a more compassionate  way of life. From a clinical perspective eating plant-foods has improved my health in many incredible ways all of which have been evidenced by blood tests. My doctor once exclaimed "whatever you are doing, just keep doing it!' From a spiritual perspective I feel I am more able to resolve the conflict I hold between my impact on both animals and the environment  through what I eat, wear and buy, and my love and respect for all sentient beings. As well as helping clients to slowly transition into a vegan lifestyle, I co-founded The Ayurvegan Kitchen and set up Plantpower Meet-ups

to support those wanting to experiment more with plant-based cooking.  

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