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Things to bring (optional):

Yoga mat (for practice)

Blanket/cushion/bolster (for relaxation/meditation)

Candle (for relaxation/meditation)

Pre-blended essential oils (for breathing exercise)

Dark chocolate! (for closing ritual)  


Flow of Grace

Welcome! Five Seasons Yoga is the home of Flow of Grace, a contemporary yoga and martial movement practice that welcomes all ages, sizes and levels of mobility. 

Classes combine held postures with flowing sequences inspired by ancient warrior arts such as Qigong and Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art). These graceful flows lie at the heart of this empowering form of Hatha yoga.

A Seasonal Approach

My work is rooted in Ayurveda also know as traditional Indian medicine and the 'sister science' of yoga. One of the aims of Ayurveda is to help us work with the qualities of spring, summer, autumn and winter through practices that support us during these different times of year. Because we approach each season differently you will learn a variety of yoga practices to help you self-care all year round.


Class Structure

Classes begin with setting a seasonal theme, a short meditation, some breath-work and joint mobilisation. We are then ready for our flows punctuated by a range of standing, kneeling, seated and lying postures. Classes finish with a guided relaxation called Yoga Nidra, a poetry reading and an aromatic breathing exercise. 

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