In classical Ayurveda there are actually 6 seasons! This is certainly true of Ayurveda when applied to its home in the Indian subcontinent as it includes monsoon and pre-winter. However, as Ayurveda is also about adapting to ones environment the number of seasons we need to align with for good health and wellbeing depends on where we live in the world. As founder of Five Seasons Yoga in the UK I work with the 4 seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter plus acknowledge a 5th season; our internal climate. The teachings of Samkhya which is the foundational philosophy linking yoga and Ayurveda, describe our internal environment as the 'microcosm' and our outer environment the 'macrocosm'. As each is reflection of the other, we need only observe the intelligence of the natural world and apply it to our being to achieve balance or homeostasis. This is the true essence and beauty of Ayurveda.