Five Seasons Yoga Therapist 

What is Five Seasons Yoga Therapy?

This is a rare and unique opportunity to study traditional yoga therapy based on Ayurveda. Most yoga therapy trainings are based on modern medicine and while this can be effective, its scope can often be limited. This is because Ayurveda is yoga's natural system of medicine. Both Yoga and ayurveda share the same language, philosophy and metaphysics. They can be regarded as two sides of the same coin with yoga supporting more psychological wellbeing and Ayurveda focusing on physical health though both overlap immensely. Just as acupuncture and Qigong are part of traditional Chinese medicine, so yoga is a part of Ayurveda which adopts a whole-systems approach to health-care. This includes yoga, massage therapies and use of diet and herbs amongst its many approaches. The focus of this therapy is to tend to the 5th season (internal environment of balance or homeostasis) more directly with a 1:1 personalised approach.  


Why is it a traditional therapy?

Historically yoga and Ayurveda were always practiced together under Ayurvedic therapy. During British occupation of India, the integrated practices of yoga and Ayurveda experienced a dramatic separation. Ayurvedic medical schools and institutions were deemed primitive and closed down in favour of Western biomedical establishments which were seen as modern and progressive. Yoga having survived, travelled to the West without its indigenous system of medicine and until relatively recently, the deep connection between these two ‘sister sciences’ remained largely unknown. In this context you will be studying a contemporary form of traditional yoga therapy. 

Who can apply for this training?

This advanced course can be undertaken by those who have successfully completed my Level 1 & 2 trainings or by existing yoga teachers who have undertaken my Level 1 Yoga & Ayurveda foundation course. 

How will this training enable me to work professionally?

You will learn how to work in-depth with clients on a 1:1 basis applying ayurvedic principles to a wide variety of yoga practices. After qualifying you will able to offer your clients the following as a certified Five Seasons Yoga Therapist:

  • In-depth Ayurvedic Wellbeing Consultations

  • Diet, lifestyle and exercise suggestions tailored to their ayurvedic constitution

  • Carry out 1:1 yoga therapy sessions based on your client's ayurvedic constitution, season and energetic shifts 

  • Integrate other existing holistic practices you have trained in from an ayurvedic perspective

  • Offer a unique service based on your training, prior knowledge and experience

How will this training be delivered and assessed?

You will be assessed via written tests, 10 case studies evidencing a minimum of 3 sessions each and observation/examination of 3 therapy sessions. You can complete the training over a flexible period. Mentorship will include:

  • Detailed feedback and discussion for each client/case-study

  • Suggestions and ideas to improve each therapy session

  • Lectures/demonstrations on niche topics and practices

  • Continual revision and reinforcement of knowledge

  • Support and guidance in developing your unique service

What certification/insurance will I receive?

You will be eligible to register with the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) for additional hours towards a 300 hr or 1000 hr registration and acquire insurance from Wellbeing Insurance.  

How much does the training cost?

£90 per x12 1:1 2 hour mentorship session + minimum x1 weekly class

Payments can be made after an initial non-refundable deposit of £500



Should you like to discuss this training with no obligations please call me on: 07899 940 221

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