Poetry Book

Poetry has become a much loved part of Five Seasons Yoga. As well as helping to frame the theme of each class, it also works to deepen our connection with nature. At the end of each class during our guided relaxation/meditation, I like to share a poem which draws on some element of the natural world. It is a wonderful time to immerse in the spoken word as the body and mind are so open and receptive to it.

As well as reading poetry I also write my own poems which often draw from  observations gleaned from daily power-walks in the countryside. Not having much to put in my diary during the lockdown months, I started to record a minimum of 3 things that caught my interest while putting one foot in front of the other. My diary entries are now brimming with life! and provide lots of raw material for my written work:



I carry my head like a snail

carries its home on its back,

spiralled skull-deep,

into a sleep,

that dreams of direction.


I too leave a silver trail.

The magical imprint.

of me moving through the world

via song and poem

and stories from my different selves.


I can trace these twinkling lines back in time

to where they first emerged,

from constellations of thoughts.

Each thread as fine and bright

as a moonbeam guiding me back home

Walking in nature has become a form of holistic fitness and an extension of my yoga practice during these challenging times. Just as the body benefits from natural foods the mind also benefits from natural impressions. A goal this year is to virtually-walk the length of the country (1215 miles) which equates to about a marathon distance (26.1 miles) spread over each week. It has been an endeavour easy to maintain with so many mental and physical benefits. It has also been the inspiration for completing my first book of poems titled: The Glass Puddle due to be self-published on 7th November 2021. You can preorder it and get more info at: www.sujathamenon.com

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