1:1 Five Seasons Yoga Teacher training 

What is Five Seasons Yoga?

Five Seasons Yoga is based on Ayurveda also know as traditional Indian medicine and the 'sister science' of yoga. It aims to help us work with the qualities of spring, summer, autumn and winter through practices that support us during these different times of year. The 5th season refers to our internal climate of balance or homeostasis which is the aim of this form of yoga. It also reflects foundational concepts in Ayurveda such as

the 5 elements, the 5 senses, 5 tastes, micro/macrocosm etc. Because we

approach each season differently you will learn a variety of yoga practices to help your students self-care all year round. Five Seasons Yoga classes integrate held postures with flowing sequences inspired by movements found in Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art) and Qigong and other warrior practices. Many of the movements are based on animal and organic forms that help us to connect to the natural world. These seasonal 'vinyasas' lie at the heart of this graceful and creative form of Hatha yoga. 





Who is this course for?

This intensive teacher training course is open to anyone who has a regular yoga practice and is able to commit to daily self-practice and study. It is also ideal for existing yoga teachers looking to develop creative ways of working. Prior to application, attendance of my Five Seasons yoga classes (online or in person when it is safe to do so) for at least 6 weeks is highly recommended

How will the course be delivered?

This course will be delivered 1:1 ONLINE at mutually convenient 

dates/times on a mentorship basis. You will have the option to attend face to face training days when it is safe to do so. There will be an intake of only 12 students per year so that I can focus on developing individual projects based on quality teaching.

How will the course be assessed?

Assessment will take place at various points throughout the course via quizzes, worksheets, informal tests and observation. You will also be required to keep a reflective journal on your yoga practice and Seasonal Yoga classes attended. Each training session comprises of a balanced blend of practical and theory. As yoga and Ayurveda are experiential sciences that need to be lived, you will not be required to write long essays or study traditional yoga philosophy in depth. There will be a final exam where you will be observed teaching a class of 6+ adults.  


What will I learn?

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • ​How to safely and effectively teach yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), mudras (hand positions) and bandhas (body contractions to  help create strength and stability).

  • A variety of yoga 'styles' including classical hatha, restorative yoga, vinyasa, yoga nidra and movements inspired by ancient martial practices

  • How to design and confidently deliver yoga classes for each season based on the ayurvedic system of medicine. 

  • How to work 1:1 with clients using the Five Seasons approach.

  • How to adapt yoga classes for various chronic conditions.

  • How to adapt yoga practices for beginners and experienced students. 

  • Examine different schools of yoga and their approaches.

  • The history and development of yoga from a feminist perspective

  • The foundational principles of ayurvedic medicine and how to apply them to the practice of yoga.

  • The therapeutic relationship, ethical practice and maintaining professional boundaries.

  • How to develop your professional practice and market your unique service.

  • Opportunity to train further as a Five Seasons Yoga Therapist

What certification/insurance will I receive?

You will be eligible to register with the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) with a 200 hr or 500 hr (existing yoga teachers) qualification and acquire insurance from Wellbeing Insurance. This is an independent yoga teacher training course and hence remains free of limitations imposed by organisations such as Yoga Alliance and The British Wheel. To learn more about my background and training please see BIO

How much does the course cost?

£450 per x10 1:1 1 hour mentorship sessions

NEW TEACHERS: minimum 100 1:1 hours + x2 weekly classes will need to be covered over a  flexible period

EXISTING TEACHERS: minimum 50 1:1 hours + x2 weekly classes will need to be covered over a flexible period

*A basic anatomy & physiology qualification will be required if you do not already have one. Please contact me to discuss recommendations. 


*Payments can be made  after an initial non-refundable deposit of £500



Should you like to discuss the course with no obligations you can either EMAIL me or call me on 07899 940 221 and you will also receive the password to the Course Overview & Course Modules pages.

"Very little grows on jagged rock. Be grounded. Be crumbled so wildflowers will come up where you are"